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  • Do you have a minimum order?
    No, our minimum of $200.00 is for discount purposes only. Under $200 no discount is given.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes, we have a discount scale. Please refer to our policy and procedures for more details. Remember our special finishes are not discounted and are always net price.
  • Why are most of your hinges handed?
    Except for our barrel hinges (armoire hinges) most of our hinges are lift-off hinges and, by the nature of their construction they are made as left-hand and right-hand.
  • How do I determine if I need a left-hand or right-hand hinge?
    Standing in front of your cabinet, with the door swinging toward you, if the door swings to the right then it is right-hand, if it swings to the left it is a left-hand. This rule also applies to our building hinges. We include graphics wherever needed in our catalog to further assist you with handing. See "Technical Information" for diagram.
  • Are your hinges sold per pair?
    Most of our hinges are priced and stocked per pair meaning you get either 2 right-hand or 2 left-hand hinges. You can order half a pair if needed. Barrel hinges are sold as each.
  • What are escutcheons and why are they sold per pair?
    Escutcheons are decorative keyhole plates. Most escutcheons come designed as lefts and rights - this is why we sell them as pairs. Escutcheons are usually installed on side-by-side doors therefore a left and right is required. See "Technical Information" for diagram.
  • Is the hardware you sell sealed or lacquered?
    No, unless you specify one of our lacquered special finishes you will get unlacquered stock brass or stock iron. That is the condition we stock our hardware in, unfinished brass and iron. Also many of our iron products are actually made out of steel.
  • Are your finishes stocked?
    Our inventory includes mostly stock brass and iron. All finishes are done per request. However, we do try to keep a small quantity of our most popular rusted hardware in stock.
  • Can all finishes be done on stock brass and stock iron?
    No, our finishes by nature depend on the base metal we start with, therefore certain finishes can only be done on our stock brass i.e. antique brass, and other finishes can only be done on stock iron i.e. light rust. There is an exception to this rule; satin and polished nickel plating can be done on our entire line.
  • Are all your special finishes lacquered?
    No, some like antique brass are left to age with time to become a true antique finish. You can order lacquered antique brass. All special finishes can be ordered with lacquer.
  • These finishes are all custom made so how consistent are they?
    They are very consistent, but since each piece is done individually, you should expect some slight variance in color and texture.
  • What if I don't see the finish I want?
    You can ask us if we can do it. A sample of your finish can determine it is feasible. Also many of our finishes can be sealed with wax or oil. Let us know what your specific needs are.
  • Do you have all your hardware in stock?
    Yes, everything in the catalog is in stock. We try our best to keep a large inventory but we do run out of items from time to time.
  • If the hardware I ordered is not in stock, how long can I expect to wait for my back order?
    We have a 6 to 8 weeks delay on hardware that is not in stock. In reality many items may take less time to receive, while others, such as special door hardware, may take longer. Remember our hardware is manufactured in Europe.
  • Will the special finish I ordered delay my order?
    Yes and no, in many cases the finish will not delay your order, but on large orders you may expect a delay of 1 to 3 weeks depending on the finish.
  • Can you use my fedex or ups number? Can you mail my order?
    No, we ship using our shipper number only. For tracking purposes we do not use USPS
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